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    Sunday, February 27, 2011

    [Electrosonic Studio] - Don Voegeli - Four Notes In Search Of A Tune

    Electrosonic Studio - Don Voegeli - Four Notes In Search Of A Tune

    More electronic elegance from the National Center For Audio Experimentation, enjoy!


    Thursday, February 24, 2011

    [Master Plus] - Edouard Scotto - The Musical World Of Metal And Science Fiction

    Master Plus - 38009 - Edouard Scotto - The Musical World Of Metal And Science Fiction

    Trippy and tense electronics by Edouard Scotto aka Yan Tregger. Also released as To The Land Of No Return on Musical Touch Sound, shared a while back on Lunar Atrium.


    Wednesday, February 23, 2011

    [Musical Touch Sound] - Arsen Gedik - Dreamland

    Musical Touch Sound - mts 1012 - Arsen Gedik - Dreamland

    Also released as Legends - The Romantic And Electronic Sounds Of Keyboard Music (38008) on the German label, Master Plus. This one for Bruno Z, enjoy!


    Tuesday, February 22, 2011

    [Atmosphere Music Library] - VA - Jingles 2

    Atmosphere Music Library - atmos 014 - VA - Jingles 2, Dance And Disorder

    Lovely 80's stuff! By Jan Pulsford, T & G Sadler, Chris Heywood, Lawrence/Kaleth/Thomas, Geoff Downes, Dave Hewson, Tom Blades, Luis Jardim, Steve Everitt and Everitt/Shiroda, enjoy!


    Thursday, February 17, 2011

    [Angel's Kiss Records] - Marco Persichetti - Il Tempo, La Memoria E Lei

    Angel's Kiss Records - ak-lp 77701 - Marco Persichetti - Il Tempo, La Memoria E Lei

    I found a copy of this rarity, and was lucky to get in touch with the composer in the process. He was cool to write a few lines about the album, so here's Marco Persichetti. Thank you very much!


    This was my first album, and I interpreted very freely and with real curiosity my task (they gave me only few instructions, something like “Write a music that must be not too loud, and rather continuous in mood”).

    Considering that it was a typical low-budget library record, it was a true luxury to have obtained (after little negotiation with the music editor) a “real” harpsichord (on “Passacaglia” and “E ancora mare”) and a “real” harp on “Un nuovo giorno”. Many friends provided “free” solo parts, such reducing the production costs, as my brother Gianluca who played all the six different guitar parts in “Un racconto di Luca” and many beautiful solos in the other tunes, or Daniela Troiani who played the two flutes-canon in “Canone 884”.

    It's quite fun, today, to look at some tecnological devices that represented, at the time of the record, the state-of-the-art of tecnology, (we were in 1984!) and now are pure archaeology, as for example the analogic sequencer employed besides the three trumpets in “Girotondo per Francesca”, while the “futuristic” Yamaha DX7 seemed to open new worlds (you can hear it in “Il tempo, la memoria e lei”). I played piano, Fender Rhodes and the other keyboards, including an odd little keyboard designated only to imitate the sound of the electric bass (another “archaeological” device).

    The whole record was made into a lilliput- music studio, packed into a car-box, and owned by Francesco “Cicci” Santucci, an excellent jazz trumpet player, who was the music engineer and played the three-trumpet theme of “Girotondo per Francesca”.


    Wednesday, February 16, 2011

    [Charles Talar Records] - Cecil Wary & Alan Feanch - Wild Flower

    Charles Talar Records - ct 2 010 - Flash Resonance - Cecil Wary & Alan Feanch - Wild Flower

    More mellow ambience from the Flash Resonance series, enjoy!


    Friday, February 11, 2011

    [Magicabus] - Jean-Charles Capon & Daniel Humair - Apocalypse

    Magicabus - mag 003 - Jean-Charles Capon & Daniel Humair - Apocalypse, Biorhythm-Fiction Scenes

    Weirdest one yet from Magicabus, enjoy!


    Wednesday, February 9, 2011

    [Sonimage] - Robert Viger - Ways

    Sonimage - si 834 - Robert Viger - Ways

    Strange and varied 80's creation. Features a couple of tracks by Alan Shearer aswell, enjoy!


    Saturday, February 5, 2011

    [Music For Media] - Frederick Rousseau - Overview

    Music For Media - em 2023 - Frederick Rousseau - Overview

    Yet more 80's stuff from Vangelis and Jarre collaborator, Frederick Rousseau. Check the back for best hair in librarymusic! What a great shot :)